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Tiny Square is a marketplace for small or inactive newsletters. Let's give them new lives!

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make use of your lists!

Sometimes, you need to let go of a project to make time for others. But that doesn't mean your efforts have been for nothing!Let's find new homes for all the great, niche newsletters no longer getting the love they deserve.Add your newsletter to our upcoming marketplace, or register to buy a newsletter.

turn your inactive newsletter into cash

Got an inactive newsletter just sitting there? Why not sell it and turn your inactive project into profit.You get to cash in on your past efforts, and your subscribers keep getting awesome content.A great way to give your newsletter a new life and your readers continued value.

grow your newsletter with perfect niche subscribers

Snap up some cool, niche newsletters that aren't active anymore and add their subscribers to your list.It's a budget-friendly move to reach more people already into the kind of stuff you talk about.

Success stories

Learn to make a living from buying and selling newsletters.

Weekly case studies: How your favorite newsletters grew and sold for $10k+.

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TinySquare won't open for business until we have a bunch of people signed up to sell or buy a newsletter.If you think this is a great idea, take one minute to share the page to your audience!Share TinySquare.co on X, in your newsletter or send it in a homing pigeon!